Financial Services

Global Goes Local coordinates all financial services the company needs such as tax reporting, accounting services and payroll administration. We cooperate with competent local service providers to make sure the company is compliant with Swedish laws and regulations.

Tax Registration

Once the company has been registered with the Swedish Company Registration Office (Bolagsverket) it needs to register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) for tax purposes. The company must apply for F-tax and VAT registration and, if relevant, register as an employer.

Income Tax

A Swedish limited liability company is required to pay preliminary income tax (F-tax) during the income year. The company’s preliminary tax is calculated by the Swedish Tax Agency based on the estimated taxable profit submitted in the company registration form. The company pays an equal amount of preliminary tax every month during the tax year, normally on the 12th of each month. Consequently, the monthly amount to be paid is not affected by the profit/loss in the relevant month.

Once the annual income tax return has been filed, the Swedish Tax Agency calculates the final tax and sends a final assessment notice specifying the final tax liability. If the company has overpaid it will receive a refund, and if it has underpaid it will owe an additional amount to be paid. The corporate income tax rate for 2021 is 20,6%.


If the business is liable for VAT, the company is required to register for VAT (Moms). There are three different accounting periods, and the general rule is to report every quarter. Depending on the size of the business and the yearly turnover amount the company may choose to report either monthly or yearly, see table below.

Employer’s contributions (PAYE)

If the company is registered as employer a PAYE tax return (employer’s contribution report) must be submitted monthly to report payments and tax deductions per employee.

Reporting VAT and PAYE

The VAT reports and PAYE tax returns with the Swedish Tax Agency can be filed by a Swedish resident representative (with a Swedish personal identity number) on behalf of the company (deklarationsombud). The representative can then get access to the online reporting system at the Swedish Tax Agency via mobile Bank ID.

Accounting and Annual report

Verifications of all business transactions accounted for and other accounting information must be saved for at least seven years. As a main rule the accounting information needs to be kept in Sweden and if certain requirements are fulfilled the information can be kept abroad. Global Goes Local cooperates with several accounting experts having a broad experience of working with foreign companies with business in Sweden. We assist to coordinate the outsourcing so that the accounting process becomes as effective and digitalized as possible.

A Swedish limited company must prepare and file its annual report (in Swedish) with the Swedish Company Registration office every year. It must be filed within seven months from the company’s financial year end.


A limited company is required to have an auditor if the company fulfils two out of below three requirements for the last two financial years.

·   More than 3 employees

·   More than 1.5 MSEK balance sheet total

·   More than 3 MSEK turnover