Global Goes Local assists with the whole process to incorporate and register a limited liability company (Aktiebolag)in Sweden, from drafting articles of association to preparing the share register, board minutes and other company documents. We will guide you through the requirements based on Swedish Company Law so that the company can be set up correctly and smoothly.


A limited liability company can be started by one or more natural persons or legal entities and a share capital of at least SEK 25 000 is needed to start a limited company. A bank certificate is needed to confirm that the share capital is credited on the bank account of the company to be incorporated.

A limited company must be registered with the Swedish Company Registration Office (“SCRO”- Bolagsverket). The SCRO will send a registration certificate after the company is registered and a limited company only becomes a legal entity when it has been registered with the SCRO. Registration provides nationwide protection of the company name.

The registration process normally takes up to two weeks with the SCRO. The SCRO website provides more detailed information on the current processing times for registering a limited company.

Members of the Board

Swedish Company Law defines the requirements for the number and nationality of directors in a limited liability company. If the company has less than three directors, a deputy director needs to be appointed. At least 50% of the number of directors needs to be resident within EEA. If none of the directors is resident in Sweden, a process agent needs to be appointed.


A limited company is required to have an auditor if the company fulfils two out of below three requirements for the last two financial years.

·  More than 3 employees

·  More than 1.5 MSEK balance sheet total

·  More than 3 MSEK turnover

Beneficial owner

All limited companies must inform the SCRO of the identity of the beneficial owners and need to register the beneficial owners within four weeks of registering the limited company. A beneficial owner is/are the person(s) who own or control the limited company.